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Wayfinding & Signage Information Design

Wayfinding Signage

If anything is ever truly a blend of art and science it's wayfinding. While there are sound, well-proven wayfinding principles and countless studies of human behaviour that provide the science, the "art" is what separates a good scheme from a brilliant one. Our skill in designing multi-language signs and bespoke pictogram sets has been a real asset on a number of UK and international projects.

So what is the art?

At MSD it is the application of all the science to the environment and understanding what that means. It's having the ability and the confidence to go with what our collective experience tells us will work rather than an obvious but less effective solution. And it's recognising that people, being people, don't always react to an environment in a logical, predictable way.

By using both left and right brain thinking, we produce wayfinding signage schemes and fully considered information design which add up to much more than the sum of their parts.

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