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Our Middle East Partners

By : Roddy Strang

At MSD we believe that close working relationships with our clients are the key to our success. Similarly, the collaborations with our Gulf/MENA partners are of equal significance and strategic importance. The benefits for MSD of working closely with trusted partners in a market that we have already invested a very significant amount of time and effort to become well known are immediately obvious. The benefits for our partners to provide MSD’s expertise and involvement directly to their key clients is giving them the edge over their local rivals. In this increasingly competitive market, it is often the intangible benefits that will land a project. 

MSE Abu Dhabi, UAE
Our new partnership with Master Sign Emirates will provide further opportunities to cooperate closely with the wider Gulf clientele. Through their procurement and sourcing services specialism there is a naturally collaborative approach to projects, with the international expertise of MSD fitting seamlessly into their projects. We also anticipate that our project management and supervision services will be of great interest to their clients on larger infrastructure implementation projects.

Phoenix Beirut, Lebanon
We have worked with Phoenix since 2012 on various projects, both in Lebanon and the wider Middle East region. The compatibility of expertise and implementation between our two companies is of the greatest benefit to our mutual clients. We worked on diverse projects such as “Princess Noura University for Women, Riyadh” and “The King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh”, and in both our Waitrose supermarkets and Halifax banking projects in the UK we have found great logistical benefits and increased knowledge transfer as a result.

UCF Dubai, UAE
Working together as formal Joint Venture bidders for the implementation of the signage package at Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal Project has taught us that “together we are stronger”. The mix of global expertise, local knowledge, harmonious facilitation and dynamic communication between our two companies has enabled all who have witnessed the union to believe that it will be a successful team in both this project and many more to come.