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Successful Signage Integration

By : Gael Davidson

The immediate impression we make of any building or public space is very often down to the  quality and usefulness of wayfinding signage. The good directional information that signage provides is vital for allowing the public to navigate around a space successfully.

Despite this, in many circumstances, signage and its required integration within a buildings architectural structure is overlooked until the end of a project programme.

At this point it can often be too late to take consideration of the additional structural support, cable routing, power supplies and other special requirements that may be necessary to facilitate the safe installation of signage.

Signage function has three main categories – wayfinding/information, instruction and advertising and each type of sign may require its own particular interface requirements with the structure it is intended to be integrated with. With this in mind, it's important that signage and wayfinding should be considered as early as possible within any project programme. This allows additional supports and technical requirements to be incorporated into the architecture prior to any final internal or external fit out completion. This saves the time, expense and inconvenience of any required re-works following consultation on the signage requirement and will in turn ensure that programmes can be maintained and costs controlled more effectively.