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Church Street Markers

MSD were approached by Lacock Gullam to carry out construction design development of 2no. large totem signs for Church Street Market in London.

The initial design concept was created by Lacock Gullam for Westminster City Council and we collaborated with both organisations heavily during the development phase. The stainless steel cladding is shot-peened - the surface is impacted with tiny ball bearings in a process similar to sand-blasting to build up a durable surface with an attractive matte finish. This went through an extensive sampling process to get the perfect desired finish for the client.

The LED-illuminated individual square ‘tiles’ are comprised of glass faces, with the lettering engraved into the glass and infilled black. The glass panels were then backlaid with coloured vinyl before installation into the main totem body.

The totem’s components were constructed in kit form;; this was engineered into the design for easy transportation and assembly on site, a much more feasible option than transporting the finished totems given that fully constructed they measure 7 metres tall by 3.5 metres wide.