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Heathrow T5

Won in competitive tender against strong international competition, our appointment to design every element of the wayfinding signage presented an opportunity to deliver significant improvements over BAA’s existing signage specification.

Working as part of the T5 Blended Design Team we took into account an unusually wide range of factors, which had to be correctly balanced when devising the optimum solution for each sign type. These factors included primary aesthetics, weight, sustainable construction, material selection and power consumption.

Critical building interfaces were another area of intense focus, ensuring that factors such as electrical loadings, load-bearing components and connection methods met the approval of all interface designers and contractors.

A rigorous 14-month design process delivered an entire new signage system which ultimately achieved all the key design and implementation objectives and exceeded the client’s expectations.

Airport design commissions since our work on T5 include Abu Dhabi International Airport, Aerospace City in Qatar and Muscat International Airport.