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The Pinnacle

Forming the centerpiece of London’s financial district. The Pinnacle, when complete in 2013 will be 100 metres taller than the city’s current tallest building and will be amongst the tallest of the new crop of major towers currently under construction in the capital. Our work on this project was another successful collaboration between MSD and KPF.

The building is designed to accommodate 8,124 workers and incorporates office accommodation, retail units and restaurants. This mixed use together with the latest lift control technology adopted by the project architects means that MSD are involved in one of the most innovative building projects in the UK.

Our contribution to this project involves the development of a signing and wayfinding strategy, which has been developed for the entire site along with creating a family of sign type concepts to deliver the wayfinding information.

The wayfinding system has been designed to deal with a number of complexities including three controlled building access points, security screening procedures, separate ten floor “podium” tower, public viewing gallery and a restaurant on the 53rd floor. It will also be seamlessly integrated with the building’s lift system, which utilises cutting edge destination control technology.